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• What’s your job title, organization, and general responsibilities?
CEO, doing basically everything

• Is writing an important part of your job?
Of course.

• What forms of written communication do you use the most (email, memos, letters, blogs, reports, sales proposals, reports, fliers, brochures, etc.)
e-mails, spreadsheets. reports

• Are there any forms of writing that are particularly important within your organization (for example, business proposals)?
Depends on the department

• How important is the ability to write well within your organization?
Considering the people dealt with, it isn't crucial, however I like every email to be well written

• Is there anything unique about your industry that affects your style of writing?
Unique? I wouldn't say so, however we do have our own lingo, as most business sectors do.

• Does the organization assess applicants’ writing abilities when hiring new staff?

• Is writing ability important when being considered for promotion?
More how well they communicate, not how eloquent they are

• Have there been occasions when a poorly written document had a negative impact on the organization?
No direct examples come to mind, but I'm sure yes. Mostly failure to communicate, or misunderstandings arise from poorly written emails.

• Do you have any recommendations for good writing practices? (For example, do you recommend writing in plain English?)
Remember what you were taught in school, and perhaps take an extra writing class because some people really can't write to save their lives.