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300 sounds a lot for just polish, I presume he is doing a complete detail for that.

I believe the very best detailers charge 75 quid an hour so that would be four hours work for the best of the best.

I would be looking for:

- ask him what he's done, will you be there when he starts? Get him to show you what he is going to do then look for it afterwards.
- complete removal of swirl marks/any etching
- the car should have a mirror like finish.
- Your alloys should be spot free from the front to the backs - he may have to remove them to do this but probably not.
- All glass should be completely spotless
- The tyres should be dressed.
- He should have protected the alloys with some kind of sealant/wax for that sort of money.

Carlos> My car can be driven through rain and puddles and still looks clean (at least from a distance) 2 weeks later and it is black (the hardest colour to keep clean). That's what having a good polish and wax does. The paintwork feels like glass. Also: look at your paintwork in direct sunlight, it should look like a mirror up close. Most cars look like they've been washed with a brillo-pad up close which means they don't look optimum from a distance either.

Hope this helps.

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