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Originally Posted by alpini View Post
Hi, I have an e92 325i m sport. It is due it's first MOT this week, and i booked it into dealer to have her checked over as the car was also looking engine oil service. Thought I'd get all done at the one time.

Dealer phoned to say that a suspension strut is leaking and needs replaced (~350 excl labour). Also they reckoned that all brake pads would soon need replacing (in next couple weeks - no warning showing on car yet) - another (360 excl labour). Then it appears I need new brake discs - they said they usually change them when they fit the car's 2nd set of pads (400 incl labour). Currently my bill sits at a whopping 1500. This seems crazy for a car that was last serviced in May.

I've told them to fix the strut (which they reckon isnt' covered under the BMW comprehensive warranty i took out). But i've asked them to leave brake pads/discs until i decide since the car might pass MOT? It just seems a lot of money. The plan would prob be to change the car at the turn of the year esp when I see the money it's gona take to maintain her.

I guess I'm just looking your views/advice... I know eventually all these things will need looked at, but if i don't change the car, I'm thinking of not renewing warranty and buying cheaper pads etc to get local garage man to fit...
How many miles has your car covered?

Personally, if its below 50k i'd throw this in their face -

It specifically states what is excluded here. It is not reasonable for a shock absorber to leak under 50k and therefore them classing it as 'a item that has worn out rather than suffered from a defect' is not really justified as it shouldn't leak under 50k.