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Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post

Plus everyone recommends top tier brand.
I'm not questioning top tier gas... I only use Shell V-power myself although even that is debate-able... But top tier is only thought to keep valves/engines cleaner... I don't think anyone has claimed top tier fuel has made more power than the others. So you have the wrong argument there.

Edit: just watched your full youtube video... still inconclusive... ranges are within standard testing deviation.

Originally Posted by BEAR-AvHistory View Post
93 generates more power then 91 octane. Do a check of posted dyno runs of CA cars vs. high octane east coast states. Honda posted some stats on their V6 a few years ago & the spread was 10BHP. That being said the factory tune will not adapt to much over 94.
I'd have to agree, since this is a logical approach. Some seem to think 100 octane + = magic....

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