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DLS r4 replacements, man they are hard to find

So I paypal'd these guys the funds. Awesome price on the r4's.
However they wont be back in stock for 3-4 weeks.

Id rather not wait. Also i dont trust they will ever be back in stock, no one has these anymore, DLS confirmed they are discontinued.

Since they already have some cash of mine, what would you suggest as a replacement?

I have asked for a special price on the Focal 100 VRS
but there seems to be other awesome sets in there as well.

cant find any info on the fitment of the german maestro
not going to bother with the new MB Quart, prob not my style.
I really think the r4's are the best for me, so would have to be something very similar/comparable. (also price...)

One thing i noticed is the r4's seem to have great range and power in comparison to a lot of the other units. Id hate to spend the same or more on something with less potential.

Please leave a comment on which you think works best on an e90 and why. (e90 coded hifi, xd 600, sws8xi)

thank you

P.S., if anyone has dls r4's and SWS8xi for sale, ill paypal you right now lol