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I have some good updates on my review:

- I did my own ATR custom map (based on the Cobb Stage 2+FMIC Aggressive for stock turbos), I have completely re-written the WGDC table (this is mandatory on RBs), with boost levels starting from 18.5psi max to 14psi at 6500RPM. I have increased the load limits between 5000 and 7000RPM, with subtle timing changes too.

- Results (98RON (93 US) pump gas, no methanol): +57whp Dynojet (Virtual Dyno for now, but it has been very very accurate for me in the past - I will follow with real Mustang dyno when all my maps are final)

- The IATs are unbelievably low, thanks to the increased compressor wheel diameter of the RBs. (outside was 8C, IATs climbed to only 18C in 3rd gear - I was doing at least 35 before on the same outside temp.)

PS: If anyone with RB turbos is interested in trying my RB pump gas map (93 octane US) please send me a PM and I would be happy to send it to you.

Vdyno (my current map vs my best pump gas result before the RBs) as well as my log are attached (substract 14.77 from the boost levels to see actual boost).

I am very happy with the results until now. And some more power can probably be further extracted.
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