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• What’s your job title, organization, and general responsibilities?
self-employed researcher, writer, and small biz operator. i'm the captain of my own little ship, so whatever the hell i want as long as the bills are paid and the roof doesn't cave.
• Is writing an important part of your job?
• What forms of written communication do you use the most (email, memos, letters, blogs, reports, sales proposals, reports, fliers, brochures, etc.)
emails, blogs, forums
• Are there any forms of writing that are particularly important within your organization (for example, business proposals)?
short editorials/essays. also written debate on forums such as this
• How important is the ability to write well within your organization?
the utmost importance
• Is there anything unique about your industry that affects your style of writing?
"jewish mafia, the best kind"
• Does the organization assess applicants’ writing abilities when hiring new staff?
i work alone, but if i was to hire, it'd definitely be a top qualification
• Is writing ability important when being considered for promotion?
again, i work alone, nobody to promote
• Have there been occasions when a poorly written document had a negative impact on the organization?
probably, it happens. live, grow, and learn
• Do you have any recommendations for good writing practices? (For example, do you recommend writing in plain English?)
it depends. but reading profusely (and in broad scope) definitely makes one a better writer.