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I just got kinda screwed by BMW of Fairfax (particularly Matt Juliar).

I had my car in for routine service/maintenance a few weeks back. One of the air dam/plastic flaps under my car has come off, so I tucked it underneath the bumper cover. I simply asked that they reinstall it. Matt claims that the technician "didn't see anything wrong." Well he must not be a very good technician if he can't spot the asymmetry between the 2 flaps with 1 missing and tucked up. My maintenance/oil change was complete, so let it go (shouldn't have).

They neglected to remind me about my 4 years/50k maintenance expiring at my last visit. I brought my car in with a service light again this morning. It's due for brake fluid and cabin filter. The SA asked if I was given a quote for this service last time I was in. I said "No.. What happened to BMW Ultimate Service?" thinking my 6 years/100k extended warranty covers maintenance. They want ~$340 (I can do it for $43). Partially my fault for misunderstanding maintenance vs. warranty, but I guess I'm becoming my own mechanic again.