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Originally Posted by Lotus99 View Post
Oh wow, didn't know they actually caused problems for some people. Really? I read this on their website, and it sounded like they had caught the problem themselves, and noone received these faulty units. This is all it said:

"Due to a major manufacturing problem all orders of the LUX H8 V3 and LUX H8 5000k are currently on hold till further notice. Please contact us at for questions or concerns."

So the older ones in circulation don't have this issue?

I read that there are two types, a silver one with only the top ring indented (original) and a grey one with top two rings indented (newer style). I wonder if it's the grey ones... Though you'd think the grey ones should have been called V3.1 or something, to distinguish them from the original V3's.

From post 1291 of the Lux thread, old vs. new:
The silver edition in the picture is mine (which is for sale btw). I've had zero issues with it for 14k miles.
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