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Originally Posted by PSUSMU View Post
I just got kinda screwed by BMW of Fairfax (particularly Matt Juliar).

I had my car in for routine service/maintenance a few weeks back. One of the air dam/plastic flaps under my car has come off, so I tucked it underneath the bumper cover. I simply asked that they reinstall it. Matt claims that the technician "didn't see anything wrong." Well he must not be a very good technician if he can't spot the asymmetry between the 2 flaps with 1 missing and tucked up. My maintenance/oil change was complete, so let it go (shouldn't have).

They neglected to remind me about my 4 years/50k maintenance expiring at my last visit. I brought my car in with a service light again this morning. It's due for brake fluid and cabin filter. The SA asked if I was given a quote for this service last time I was in. I said "No.. What happened to BMW Ultimate Service?" thinking my 6 years/100k extended warranty covers maintenance. They want ~$340 (I can do it for $43). Partially my fault for misunderstanding maintenance vs. warranty, but I guess I'm becoming my own mechanic again.

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Mine generally were favorable with Matt but then again I mostly dealt with my tech directly and not the service advisor.

The thing about the maintenance coverage is that it can only be done when it is due (when the car computer says it is due). Basically, it is in three stages (Recommend, Due and Overdue). You can get it covered at as early as the recommend stage (your car generally will say due soon). If it is even one mile or one day before the vehicle triggers the recommend service flag, BMW will not reimburse the dealers.

If it had been due at your last visit, it would have come up immediately when they did your key read since the dealer wants to do these covered services. It's easy money for them and guaranteed reimbursement from BMW.