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Originally Posted by Sered View Post
I've done a few 1jz and 2jz pulls. Those motors, since they sit upright, are cake compared to these. I think the NA-T build I did on my SC300 was one of the easiest turbo installs I ever did as well. Loved that engine
Depends on what car they're in. MK3 Supras are kinda a bitch with the stock twins(1JZ of course). I've still got my MK3 with the 1JZ single turbo swap; it most likely won't see any road use in the next year because of the 335. My plan is to stuff that thing in a SC300 eventually, regardless "real" Toyota straight sixes(anything JZ related) are some of the best things to come out of Asia.

Have you pulled a set of N54 turbos yet?

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