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Originally Posted by eleven24
Recording Media DVD based, or MiniDV (tape) based? It all depends on your desired output. Once you pop the DVD out of a camcorder, thats it. You can't do any editing as the DVD is the final product. It also compresses the video (to fit more on the 30-minute Disc) so the quality is not that of MiniDV. If you think you might like to edit your video, MiniDV is the way to go as it is the standard with all video editing platforms, both consmer & pro. (If editing, I'd recommend a Mac!)

Actually, that's not entirely true:
1) With DVD based cameras you can still put the DVD into your computer and use a video editing suite to edit the video.
2) While the DVD cameras do natively record in MPEG-2, it is generally not highly compressed . The 30 minute limitation is a factor of the physical size of the disk.
3) Actually, MiniDV is not the standard for all video editing platforms. Digital 8 is. In fact, only the more recent editing suites will even natively recognize MiniDV cameras.

As far as your Mac recommendation, all of the major video editing suites are available either for a PC or Mac (Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Avid, etc.) with little to no differences. So it's no longer necessary to go spend a lot more money on a Mac just so you can use decent editing software.

Originally Posted by eleven24
HD Camcorders Forget about them -- waaay too expensive! Just get a 16:9 widescreen capable cam & leave the HD to the pros.
Consumer HD cameras are starting to drop in price, and they all are capable of recording in either HD or standard def (actually DV) so you could "future proof" yourself now by buying an HD camera.