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Well, I don't know much about these things but I've just got a new Macbook Pro Retina which comes with a SSD as standard and it's noticeably faster than my previous one (which was hardly a snail itself).

It's under a month old so I can confirm they last this long but to add to the speed, it's also silent, it doesn't get hot and is markedly thinner and lighter (almost Macbook Air thin) although this may be more to do with the lack of a disc drive.

My only complaint is the cost and the result being I only got a 250gb version - and I'm about 80% full. Should have spent the extra and got the 512gb!

A quick note on the Macbook Retina if anyone is interested - the quality of the screen and picture is spectacular for most things, especially text and pictures. Website images however are another story as these can actually look WORSE! I'm sure there's a more technical explanation, but after some reading on it I have learnt the following:

- Retina uses four pixels in the space typically used for one

- Most website images use a 1:1 ratio which, on a Retina display, makes them look like a lower resolution image (I guess because it artificially blows up the 1 pixel 4 times to fill the space??....I told you I wasn't technical!)

It seems that until website developers upscale their images (not likely until more computers use this technology and that won't be anytime soon I guess?), my website browsing experience has gone backwards.
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