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I was also there for the 3-days and thoroughly enjoyed it for my first F1 race.

Our seats were on Turn 15, but we could see Turns 12 - 16, so they were perfect. We were high enough to see the cars doing 200+mph and then full brake to hit turn 12 where there was a lot of overtaking. This technical section of turns 13 - 15 provided great action where overtaking and brake lockups were every few laps.

We did walk around to other sections of the track and the elevation change was impressive. There are not many flat sections to the track. Turns 2-5 look lightening quick! I loved having the F1 cars fly by us at maximum speed down the back straight and then waiting to brake until the last second before turn 12. The five downshifts before turn 12 were cool as shit too!

Very much looking forward to the 2013 F1 race in Austin and the other events there at the COTA facility. The facility was very impressive and I cannot wait to drive it... maybe in March!

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