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just wasted my money

Sirius is CRAP!

Just had a used sirius module retrofitted & if you look online there's supposed to be a free trial going on now. Well not only am I not getting a free trial but apparently they have locked down the preview channel so the only way I can find out if my module even works correctly is to subscribe! WTF? I know they probably have an activation fee and a cancellation fee as well... so no way am I going to sign up unless I KNOW that my module is working. Do they want to piss me off and make sure that I never subscribe to them? It was bad enough cancelling XM when I turned in my company car... having just come from the BMW dealership I guess I'm spoiled, I was expecting actual customer service.

Way to run a business into the ground and piss off potential customers, Sirius.

Only reason I bought the module (used) in the first place was because I know that BMW has jacked the price of new ones through the roof and I figured if I ever wanted one I should get it now before they go NLA and used prices go through the roof too. Now I'm thinking I should have just saved my money. But at least I got my alarm coded at the same time so I'm not out that.