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Originally Posted by SF Space Grey View Post
After searching the forum, I've seen people on both sides of this issue.

Does anyone actually know for sure whether 100 octane gas yields additional power from the N54 without an aftermarket tune?

Also, I assume that 100 octane is perfectly fine for the engine as long as it's unleaded, right? I've heard some people talk about it wearing out the spark plugs, clogging injectors, etc, but don't see how that could be if it's just a higher quality version of what I put in every week.
1) Performance Consistancy
2) Reduces Engine Knock
3) Reduces the chance of timing being pulled due to knock
4) Runs cooler

So by all this it means you will gain 2-3 mph in a 1/4 run

Being tuned for it yields the same results above but in addition with "significantly" more power "to the wheels"

If you are not tuned for it then it will optimize or bring out your car "best" performance at its current level.