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Originally Posted by jwzimm View Post
For CIC cars you do not need to visit the dealer. You used to have to to get the FSC code but Tischer is providing that now (or you can get it from *******).
Apparently - this may not be the case. Cars manufactured before 09/2009 appear to have a different CIC --- possibly with only a 40GB HD instead of an 80GB --- and the USB upgrade method doesn't work.

My 328xiT is a 08/2009 and I was unable to update to 2012 maps using USB no matter what I tried -- FAT32 or FAT or NTFS partitions --- 8GB, 16GB or 32GB thumb drives --- SANDISK, Imation or some other manufacturer --- bootable or unbootable, using Linux or Windows to format --- made no difference. The update would not start when the USB stick was inserted into the glove compartment port. Not even starting the update with the first DVD and trying to use the USB instead of the last 2 DVDs would work. I finally just painfully installed using DVD. Had to reburn the DVDs a few times to get ones that would work all the way through.

I can use the USB port to download music to the hard drive without difficulty, therfore the USB glove compartment port is "working". The ISTA/P software was updated in Sep 2010 (to version 2.37.1 I believe) and the maps to v 2010 by the dealer when I purchased the vehicle.

I have independent confirmation from two different BMW dealers -- Tischer and WG BMW near Philadelphia that the USB method will not work with my car. They're both happy to sell me the FSC code but I need to take the car to the dealer to upload the media -- $322 total. I believe my inquiry to Tischer is the reason they put the pre-09/2009 info on their web page.

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