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N8N: Have you tried yet? Have you spoken with a Sirius rep or used their online chat?
I'm not aware of a cancellation fee, but I do think there's a $15 activation fee. One can subscribe month-to-month as well. If worried about being able to cancel, use a prepaid visa or a credit card that allows you to create capped/limited use card numbers for online transactions.

Customer service must vary. I've had SiriusXM for four years now across two different vehicles and called customer service a handful of times over that period, usually to negotiate a renewal deal but also once to change my "plan" to avoid paying for stuff I never listened to and more recently to cancel my old car's subscription and apply the credit against the new-to-me car's service. I've had a couple of numbskulls on the other end but just hung up and tried again; usually whomever I talk to is able to do what I need or get me to who I need to speak to.

Audio quality is a subjective thing; I'm no golden-eared audiophile so I've not felt it lacking. In my experience it's FM radio quality or slightly better, which I realize is not good enough for some folks. Can't speak to the variety; I've been satisfied with the variety on the stations I listen to - another subjective thing.

I think the main thing I like about SiriusXM is not having to find new radio stations when driving out of town. I don't always feel like messing with my own playlists or choosing what to listen to, and streaming music can be spotty in the mountains.

egregor: I would definitely be p!ssed off if they called me to try to sell me stuff, I wish I could tell you what I must have inadvertently done but they've never called me for anything. I get email promos but never a phone call.