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Originally Posted by John Kleis Car Audio View Post
How did that W7 sound in that box...? only reason I ask is because they work at full potential in a 1.25 cuft sealed enclosure (plus speaker displacement and bracing) and I can't see that being much more than 0.75? They are really fussy subwoofers...

I can't see that JL App on an iphone giving you a very accurate analysis of a system being the iphone microphone probably costs 2p to make where as a proper RTA mic costs about 200.... But i guess it gives you a guide!

Why was a center speaker added? this is a cheating way of getting a center stage and actually ruins stereo SQ.
I had W7 fitted in ported enclosure for my car. It was rubbish. I have gone for IB this time.
And for Rudz, we fitted in that corner enclosure.
It sounds fantastic in corner enclosure and luckily that enclosure did the job.

You are correct about iphone RTA, but I do not have expensive equipment to play with

Centre speaker was added as Rudz wanted front stage sound and near to live performance sound.