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Originally Posted by mjames View Post
I have an '04 M3 coupe with 102k miles, which I adore, but has been in the shop for all kinds of issues over the last year. I've paid $5k+ in repairs alone. I need something newer and more reliable and a good low-mileage E9x M3 is a little out of my price range.

So I am considering an '09 or '10 M-Sport E90 ... I need it as a daily driver and to be reliable. But I've read a lot of bad about issues with the 335 ... my service guy says it wouldn't be much cheaper to own in the long run (and the M3 is paid off, the 335 wouldn't be).

There is no way I can keep absorbing huge unexpected repairs for the M3. All cars get old and it is starting to need a lot of care. So guys: would a '09-'10 E90 335 with under 40k miles cause less issues? Give me your thoughts.
+1 with the warranty. other than that hpfp and wastegate turbo related issues have been extended. everything else is pretty much plugs, ignition coils, fuel injectors, water pump, suspension parts (as you creep into higher mileage)