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Originally Posted by crashoverride View Post
I got a cheap elm OBD2 and gonna try via bluetooth and my cell. However if that doesn't work it's not worth the price of a battery, in shop time just to have the battery registered.... even if the battery lasts three years instead of six.... I come out even... and then I probably won't even own the car still.

But it's still good advice
You might try to research how registration affects not just the battery but also the IBS and other electrical components. My understanding is that if the battery is not registered, it may result in an under OR overcharging condition. When the IBS on my E91 developed an intermitent fault, it was sending out 17.5 volts, & I was told that could adversely affect some electric components. As it was, the car would stall, show error messages and ultimately a new battery ( as well as alternator & IBS) was required.