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Like i said before. Definately change the plugs at a minimum... dealer may do that as they are scheduled for 45K But when youre tuned you should do them every 20K or more often. The dealer may not cover it and could charge 600 bucks. If thats the case, find a local guy thru the forum and buy the plugs and have a bud do them if youre not comfortable. If that doesnt cure it, which im confident it will, move on to coil packs.. The plugs need to be changed period. Try to get the cable and pull codes, that will make it easier to diagnose if its the packs. Hope this helps

Edit just saw your at Kms not miles lol... either way plugs are simple and will give you peace of mind.. By 30K miles my were smoked lol ill be doing them every 10K miles
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