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Tyres for 335i mv4's


It won't be long before I need to replace the rears and I'm starting to consider what tyres I should opt for. I'm pretty sure I want to ditch the run flats in the hope the ride will improve. I do find the ride a bit harsh at times and I know the run flats don't help this.

I haven't got shit loads to spend at the minute with it being Xmas next month and my insurance and tax being due next month too so would like a good compromise between cost and performance. I've been pointed in the direction of for cheap tyres and found that I can get Falken FK52 tyres in 255/35 size for £159.80 inc vat which I though was a storming price. Is the Falken a reasonable tyre? Is this a good price? Should I be looking at something else?

I haven't checked the tyre size but I think this is right for the rears?? Are there different size options for a different look or ride and what other sizes should I consider. The fronts don't need changing just yet but I plan to replace the run flats when the time comes round.

Thoughts and comments on past experiences would be helpful.

Many thanks
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