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Originally Posted by swazza View Post

hahah really!! only this year and you have a c63!! how old are you man and how you liking it??? yeah i though it would be harder than expected i might also look at a m3 bumper as well!! i have a e90 coming into my work for resale so ill see if it does have a m-sport sterring wheel and if so ill do a sneaky swap
LOL you sneaky fker if you swap it. You gotta be careful though because they dropped the standard wheel (like yours) after certain model year (not sure which year though). Jason@eurodivision has E90 bodykits so it might be worth a try asking him what you can get.

Originally Posted by swazza View Post
really!! over her the 320's and 323's get mocked yeah there are a couple of differnt thing that we have standard
naww I have a 320i Didn't really consider its performance when getting it and soon regretted it haha. Hence AMG power now