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Originally Posted by AllBlackBimmer View Post
Damnit, why does every battery thread turn into a registration issue. Get your damn batteries registered, this is not a Honda civic. Why do ppl keep arguing this? You can drive without registering your battery yes, does it make it a good idea? No! I can drive around for 50,000k without changing my oil, does that make it a good idea? Just register the damn battery.

Now, back to my question, where can I get an oem part number?

Use the search button got to as several have already mentioned... look up the battery for your car. Do some research and calm down. Hell stumble into Sears mumble battery and point to car sitdown and read the old magazines...or the dealership a battery store, Walmart or wherever they all have the answer to your question. Or hey here is a novel idea look at the actual battery write down the numbers on top perhaps take a snappy snap with your wifes cell phone. For someone that has seen multiple threads turn into coding why don't you use the number written in those threads???