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Known issue with the rear tube on any stock housing turbos. I had it happen to me on my first set of test turbos, we made an aluminum bracket that goes onto the top motor mount bolt and holds the pipe on 100%, no questions no guessing. Every set of turbos we will be shipping will get one. Whatever you do make sure you get it on, because if it pops off you will suck something into the turbo. A couple cars we swapped turbos on had a piece of wedge shape plastic stuck behind the pipe against the firewall, it seems to hold it on pretty well if you have nothing else. Just use a big pry bar and hold the tube on and wedge the piece between it and the firewall and tap it in a bit with a hammer to make sure it wont fall out. Besides making a bracket this is all I can offer in a way of making sure you don't ruin your new turbos with something sucked out of the engine bay.

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