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It didnt hit me in a way for attracting just for picking up girls but everything in general, even wealth,health etc. I always been in long relationships 8years being the most at a very young age but was never really "happy". I just thought it was all about how we attract negative things by having negative thoughts and vise versa. I been so positive the past few months and everythings starting to fall back in place. I do think many people understand it differently.

For me im reading the book called The game of life by Florence Shinn and also watched the video The Secret by Bob proctor on youtube.

Suprisingly people like Warren Buffet, Oprah, Jayz etc have read many of these books.

Seems like many people live by this "law" are actually "happy" in life and the success follows. And some happy people live by this law naturally.

Just thought its good imformation for many people out there i wanted to share and also hear opinions on.

Bless Your Failure Into Success.
Positive mind gives positive results.