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Originally Posted by carve View Post
It's not about pick up and relationships. It's pseudo-intellectual new-age bullshit about you making your own reality. You think thoughts and the universe re-orders itself to your desired outcome. You want something and the "law of attraction" re-orders the universe to give you that thing. It has nothing to do with motivating you- you just want something really bad, wait for it, and it comes to you. It's complete bullshit. Do you think the starving kid in Africa doesn't envision herself enjoying a big meal? Do you think the amputee doesn't want a new limb?

Don't get me wrong- having a positive attitude can have an effect on your life, but it's because it motivates you to go out and make things happen- not because your thoughts re-order the universe.

Thank you for your opinion. Makes me think in a different point of view too.
I do understand where youre coming from and also confused as well why bad things happen to good people. But makes me also think how some people from Africa who use to starve somehow immigrates to a different country and live a much better life. I dont consider that "luck". Many poor countries are being mislead and being stamped that they are starving and will starve so thats what they prepare for even though they hope to have a better living. And the world isnt about what you want, its more about what you prepare for. So if you want something in your life but prepare for the bad, you will recieve what you prepare for which most of these poverty countries prepare for.
Im not completely sure about my opinions but just a sense of thoughts.

Im just trying to share and learn wisdom so hope this keeps calm and stressfree!
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