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Originally Posted by Dark_Knight_335 View Post
Depends upon what you're going for. If you're in it for performance and cornering perfection- get an N54 coupe like others said.

The only N54 still in production is the 335iS, and I THINK 2009 was the last year for the N54 in any other E9x.

For me, the added weight was worth it for those beautiful seasonable days cruising with my top down, not to mention the hardtop going up and down is an engineering marvel that is a riot to watch, and never gets old

I cant be speeding anymore either, my old e92 coupe and jb3 got me enough tickets. LOL Added weight is probably fine but defitnitly want to test drive it
thanks for the input!
The hardtop is pure sex. And i dont care if anyone calls it a girly car. The girls DO love it. LOL
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