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Originally Posted by robc1976 View Post
Well I figured out why the induction tube did not fit....I installed the gasket on the turbo 1st...induction tube pinched the gasket, it deformed and tube could not be put on. I did not notice this because my hands could not fit back there (it actually felt like it was bound )...I found out because my AEWESOME wife (who has actually helped with this install) saw this...Ii wasted 6 ours on a damn gasket LOL!!

NEVER put the gasket on the turbo...install it in the tube first!

I also bent the bracket so it can not slide need reinforcment, so the bracket sits behind the tube falnge...great idea!
Awesome man glad you got it figured out. Yes gasket into pipe, both gasket and pipe slide onto turbo. Sorry I should have specified. You are gonna love your car once you get the install done and get to drive it with the new turbos. Good luck with rest of install.