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Originally Posted by S2Krazzee View Post
But makes me also think how some people from Africa who use to starve somehow immigrates to a different country and live a much better life. I dont consider that "luck". Many poor countries are being mislead and being stamped that they are starving and will starve so thats what they prepare for even though they hope to have a better living. And the world isnt about what you want, its more about what you prepare for. So if you want something in your life but prepare for the bad, you will recieve what you prepare for which most of these poverty countries prepare for.
Does positive thinking work?
Our perception of the world at any time can be positive or negative, while the world 'objectively' remains the same.
Positive or negative thinking does not work in the long run, in the short run you may be able to delude yourself into believing that it is working by ignoring evidence to the contrary.

Example Mitt Romney, who like all of us have some wacky beliefs, which have serve him well UNTIL know, sucessful career, apparently happy family, BUT he failed at his presidential run - why? Belief alone cannot become reality. Reality is reality.
Up to this point all the things he believed is served him well, because he was living in his own bubble, he is blind to the faults and everything seems to be working all right. But when exposed to the harsh reality of a presidential run, he is forced to face reality and realize how wacky some of his beliefs are.

Positive thinking is simply amplifying what you want, and wilfully ignoring what you don't like. If you had 10 seconds to live, you might want to just be happy and screw sweet and sour reality, but if you live any longer, a shody bridge WILL collapse.. so plan your life accordingly.