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Originally Posted by JDane07 View Post
I'm not doing too bad!

Yeah, Duy has confidence that he can end my problems once and for all, so I trust him.
I was quoted $650, which is a lot considering I've already spent that and a little more on these headlights....but it's a lot of work. He has to undo all of Umnitza's mistakes, take out the orion v4's, install LS3's and do a proper reseal. It's worth it though...I either continue to let water leak into these lights, likely leading to a failure and potential replacement, or fix it now once and for all.

It's just bad timing though because I just purchased some coilovers a few days ago. I was considering having a shop do the install, but now it will most certainly be my bro and I doing the install to save money.
Keep us posted! I love DIYs even though it's lengthy but you can't really put a price on experience -- good or bad. If you do decide to take it to a shop, I would highly recommend SpeedElement in San Jose. They offer fairly competitive pricing as well.

Originally Posted by Route 16 View Post
Yup and yup, the rear would justify if it was on the track I suppose or shows but daily, I know I'd change it after a while.
Bavx quoted me $600 for ls3's, $$650 for driving down and install. Lets drive down next year? Haha I don't even remember dates anymore nor care, just another day. I feel your pain with umnitza. I was hyped up just as you then 2wks later, $1200 down the drain. You're going the right direction with bavx now.
Depending on when you decide to go but I'm always down to go down to SoCal if time permits.

Originally Posted by vfeng View Post
Haha if i ever decide to sell it, ill let you know first
Sank Yews! <3