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1500 Wastegate Diagnosis!!

Hi all,

I have a 2006 335i with 55k, un-modded which I have owned since 20k miles and not driven it hard (honestly!). It is currently out of warranty.

It went in for a CBS oil service and the dealership highlighted a potential problem with the turbo/wastegate, so far nothing unusual or unexpected...

I agreed to a nominal charge for a diagnosis, and was told that the first course of action was a software update, again so far nothing really unexpected...

I agreed to have the software update done (at a cost to myself, bloody expensive considering they plug it in and let it do its stuff!!)

The dealership had been in contact with me all the way through this process telling me they thought I was a good candidate for a good will claim to have the turbo's replaced (I had obviously told them I was aware of the common problem of wastegate rattle)

Then the bombshell...

The dealership tells me that BMW have instructed them that the next stage of diagnosis is to remove the turbo's from the car and attempt to do a 'Manual Adjustment' of the wastegates to rectify the rattle at a cost of 1500 + vat!!!

Obviously I told them I was not going to authorise that work, as 1500 to tighten the rod on the wastegate only for the rattle to come back in a month or 2 is ridiculous.

I have contacted BMW customer service and they have pretty much fobbed me off saying that "If BMW technical has instructed the dealership they need to do this work to diagnose the problem, then theres nothing else that can be done"

Has anyone else has a similar experience? Has anyone managed to get a good will claim without having to spend 1500 to do so?

Currently my only cause of action is to get a set of recon turbo units and do the job myself, which I am dreading!! I'm handy with spanners, but this is by all accounts a fairly epic job.