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Originally Posted by kgroschi View Post
OMG I JUST WANTED TO POST THAT. I had similar issues starting last week and I feel like it's coming up more often. I am on COBB Aggressive and thought it might have something to do with Misfiring or that I lost a Turbo or something. But as stated here, after driving with the vibration and engine light on for a few minutes, the light turns off and the shaking stops and I regain full power.

I brought the car to my independent shop today, and he said he can't find anything. No codes, nothing that leaks or looks wrong and also on the test drive he couldn't get to that problem (maybe cause I de-installed the COBB).

Any ideas?
Look for the DYI to check if you have a bad coil. It's very easy to do. That's what I did and sure enough, I had one that was bad so I replaced it. 30 min job.