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Going for first coding session, clarify if its worth it please

having a local coder do my Stereo to HIFI coding tomorrow.

He is charging 100$ success or $50 no success.

I have been reading everything i can find online regarding this process to try and help my cause. Have read too many posts about it not being possible on some 2011 PRO HU.

Can someone clarify if I am going to lose $50 here or if it will be a success.

2011 bmw 323i canada
(build date: 2010-11-09)
Pro head unit, base stereo

ISTA/P version

From what i read the process should be as simple as
-Just code the OEM HU to output HiFi using NCS Expert. (option 676)
-+676 was added to the VO.

An older post i read said the ISTA must be updated to a more recent version, they were referencing something in the 2.41-2.46 range version of ista.

My ISTA is no idea how that correlates to that thread.

bottom line, will this work on my car? Or should I tell the guy not to worry for now.

thank you