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Originally Posted by andrew_b View Post
I bet you got the new formulation pads on your car, and the dealer here in the states had the older ones.

I've heard the new OEM pad formulation doesn't dust hardly at all, and has the same feel as the old. I have the old - can't drive 100 feet without some dust on the wheels.
I've heard rumors about these new pads and every time I heard people complain about dusting I thought to myself I must have the new pads.

My SA knows nothing about the "new" pads. I think he needs to do more research on this new pad with a different composition because (and I know I am preaching to hte choir here) but these old pads are TERRIBLE.

If anyone has more specific information related to the newer composition pads please share and I will pass it along to my SA with the hopes of getting the right pads.