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Originally Posted by RCUK View Post
Arent sensors standard these days?? Or are you refering to sensors all round?

Tough choice ... but i guess resale wise the nav would win out, though not sure how much of a premium you could get when it comes to selling compared thr cost up front.
no, not on the 1er.. tested a 125d w/ plenty of spec yesterday and it defo didn't have any sensors.. something i think i will really miss tbh

Originally Posted by xenon View Post
Pro Nav OR visibility pack? Impossible choice; buy something else.

Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
Will you use the Nav much, if yes then it might just about be worth it. If you are unlikely to use it then I would skip it. On a 118 or 120 it won't be as expected come resale time so unlikely to harm the price then massively, conversely how much more will a nav car be worth over non nav, I would reckon the premium on a 1 Series won't be massive so you won't recoup lots of your outlay.

Thats why it comes down to how much you would actually use it and whether that use is worth the cash to you.
million dollar question, i use my nav now most weeks.. sometimes its just a press of the home button to scoot around traffic, others its making my way around central london that i don't know too well.

borrowed the girlfriends car the other month though and just used tomtom on my phone and that was perfectly good enough.. if a little ugly looking.

thing is, with the screen already being there in your face, it just begs for some nav..

gah think i just answered my own question.. but xenons look so nice and i love having parking sensors.. this car is very quickly swallowing any potential savings that i had envisioned! lol