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Originally Posted by ryan311 View Post
Well my 3 years with my 09 M3 is over. I've been kinda interested in the GT-R for about six months but nothing serious. Just told my dealership I was interested but really wasn't ever thinking I would buy one. After about 6 months from when I first talked to them he called me the other day and said they had a brand new 13 white GT-R coming in and if I wanted it. I went down to look and after just sitting in one I bought that sucker in like 15 minutes.

I loved my M3! I really did. Great car, great experience and I'll never forget it but I was looking for more power and didn't want to wait till the end of 2014 for the new M3.

I'll miss you guys! BTW I had some perfect condition matte black HRE P40's for my M3 that only have about 2000 miles on them. Brand new. No scratch's or marks. Anyone interested? Take a look at for what they look like.

Thanks again everyone and I'll be snooping around from time to time.
I think I would need about $70,000 in mods to get a GTR the way I would want it. Here's what I would need to do:

1. Color match the lower fascia
2. Wald front bumper cover
3. Custom rear bumper cover
4. HRE wheels
5. Repaint brake calipers
6. Sound insulation added throughout cabin
7. Complete conversion to Egoist edition interior
8. Removal of rear wing, replace with M3 performance-like custom rear spoiler.

That would do it, I think. This is before any performance mods, however, the GTR really doesn't need anything in that department.

Alternatively, I could just get a 911 turbo S for slightly less money.
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