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Originally Posted by nicktyler View Post
And the rest! As it is going through insurance they will charge a small fortune. I got my arse tapped by a lorry in my previous RX8 and all it did was crease the bumper crack one light and almost unnoticeably mark the bootlid. Went to the insurance's 'approved repairer' and the bill was 2,689

Thats (from a scrappy) a 40 bumper, an 80 light and a good bodyshop 2hrs for the bend ~100 and depending on the colour and state of the bumper respray at 100.

They are all vultures and if teh insurance does write it off just get a couple of independant quotes and rear end the BMW body shop with them.
Yes, they will probably get the arm in, since they know insurance are paying.

The bumper needs fixing, obviously. I would say maybe a side panel too. Plus all the interior stuff. Like, what is that little green plastic loop sticking out the side? Plus the dark lines, exhaust, and whatever else that is hanging down beside the exhaust pipes.

Still, I would guess my car is (or was) worth about, what, maybe 12,000? I paid about 19k for it 18 months ago. A 330i M Sport auto saloon, with Xenons, upgraded hi-fi, heated seats, etc etc. Around 20,000 miles on it.

And if they did offer me a cash sum instead, I would of course struggle to get the same car for that kind of money.....