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Originally Posted by MyE92
Can anyone help me out? I have an E93.
Hello I've chased this around with my Audi doing the same thing it was the hid bulb going bad.
Would say left headlight dipped!

First I thought it was my level sensors cause I drove in deep snow and on unlplowed roads in Maine a lot. Then when to modules well long story short if it happens to one bulb swap them left to right and wait for the problem to change locations . Then you will need two new bulbs because they won't match the new will be brighter and different color then the older good bulb. Last go with a name brand bulb like Osram, Phillips or GE cause ebay and other sites generic brands are cheap plus they don't last that long may start to fail under a year and HID bulbs should let around 6yrs depending on use. The reason this happens with the cheap no name brands is because the salts they use are expensive so they don't use the correct amount or type causing bad hues in the beam, incorrect color and reduced life.

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