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Originally Posted by Three_thirty_I View Post
That's bad, but LOL, try this for size - been battling with a rattling noise since early this year when the car was still under motorplan. First thought the noise was the dual mass flywheel, then the agents claim that this is not the case but instead that the engine is pinging and needs software update. Problem not solved and eventually motorplan expired and so I am on my own with this unresolved problem. Replaced spark plugs and used injector cleaner, again no improvement, and cleaned the intake and exhaust Vanos solenoids. Then after lots and lots of searching and reading up read that this could be a DISA flap issue (one or both DISA flaps could be making this noise). Took the car back to the agents with this info and they insist that it's not the DISA flaps and that the engine is just pinging due to our fuel and is completely normal - such rubbish! Knock sensors are there for this reason and allows the engine to make very quick adjustments so that you ultimately never hear pinging.

Took the car to a specialist tuner and they ran their diagnostics live with the car being driven and were able to find a few strange things - engine running either running too cold or the temperature sensor from the radiator is not working properly, but they said that the noise that I am hearing is from the DISA flaps.

Just to clarify, this noise is not the typical hydraulic lifter noise and only does it when the car is driving (revving does not reproduce this) - the noise takes place from low to mid revs under moderate to high loads. Also there is a stumbling/hesitation at low revs.

So basically been battling with this for more than 6 - 7 months now!!!
Wow, that is such rubbish! Are you going to get it fixed by the new tuner shop you went to?
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