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Hardwire Radar detector shutting off

BMW e90 2006-08
I have a Beltronic plugged into the glove compartment flashlight adapter
(by way of a flashlight to cigarette adapter).
As you know these car come with a rechargable flash light in the glove compartment.

When i unlock the car via transmitter, the car wakes up.
Which powers up the flashlight receptor...which powers up the radar detector. When I start the car, the radar detector states, "LOW Voltage" and shuts off.
I have to manually turn on the radar detector again. It would operate normally at that point.

I've never had this problem (the low voltage..and shutting part) before.
I've had this set up for almost a year.... It was about 2 weeks ago, when I started getting the "LOW voltage".

What should I check.?
Dealership states the battery is in good condition.