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Well the car passed the MOT today with no mention of brakes/discs! So I'm glad that I didn't fork out extra for the brakes. Yet...

However, the bill for my service came to £800...! This included a service which was just engine oil and filter and the MOT prep and the suspension strut. The strut alone amounted to £400 incl labour. Meaning that the service/check cost £400..!! And there's more....

While the car was up on the ramp today at the MOT, the technician called me over to express his disgust at the amount of dirt caked around the rear wheel arches. He wondered had I got it cleaned!! I had of course checked that this had been done at the dealer before I got the car back!! He said they expect clean vehicles which of course is understandable and fair. So I got back into my dealer since I only had the car back 1 day before the MOT and drove on clean roads. The technician at the MOT centre had agreed that there was no way that the dirt had amounted up since the dealer check.

So the service manager wants to check what his own technician thinks. Did he think it needed cleaning in wheel arches??????? Bit late now. I said after paying £400 for the MOT check/service alone I expected a clean car. I'm so angry (though also happy that she passed) but I want to make my point to the dealer...