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N54 jb4 + dci 93 octane and e85

I just needed some help. I have read a lot of people say running 70/30 mixture is fine and then some said car fuel system is suitable for it.

Also on maps lot of people say map 5 is better than map 1 and then some use map 2 all the time with just dci and 93 octane.

Please advise the best and most aggressive set up for me. My car is under warranty till February and like many else HPFP was changed too about a year ago and I never had any issues of limp mode for over 12k miles now.

I tried map 5 and map 1 for 200 miles on highway yesterday and was getting 11 to 14psi with iat on oil gauge at 160. overall car temp was like 210 where a normal stick stays at.

I really want to try map 2 with 93 oct and dci only for now but wanna see how safe is it as I really don't want any engine issues. I can do e85 mixture but want to make sure it's safe.