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Originally Posted by A_P View Post
12k? Mate I had a 330i M sport saloon same spec as yours. I would say yours on a private sale would be 10 maybe 11 max if the right buyer came along. In terms of trade its prob worth about 8k max.

Not puting a downer just telling you how it is mate.

Now if BMW claim that the body panels all need to be replaced fine no worries, but if they claim for the your exhaust and rear suspension components then worst case scenario mate write off.
Really? When I started reading your post, I thought you were going to say I was undervaluing it at 12K! I thought I was being pessimistic by guessing 12K.

Well, it's a Feb 2009 reg, 330i M Sport auto with extras. Can it really be worth as little as 10K? I reckon you're pushing it a bit there, but I dunno, I haven't had it valued recently. I have (or had) no intention of selling. It took me ages to find this car, and I sweat blood to pay for it.

Yeah, of course a dealer would give me a crap price on trade-in, they always do.

Good point re. the suspension, though. Shit, I don't want a write off, I'll never get what the car is worth.....