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Originally Posted by Siren_G
Originally Posted by phil200tdi View Post
Put it on map 2

Does it hold 14.5psi?

You could also guage hijack "under/over boost" on the oil guage. If you are under or over target likely to be a boost leak, vacuum or wastegate issue.

Also put all the jb4 settings back to standard (as per n54 tech) and reset adaptions..

Did you read up on the open fuel loop mapping issue?
i haven't changed any of the jb4 settings bar hijacking the fuel guage and having it in map 5. the adaptations were reset when the car was picked up from the garage.-darren woods
will try the under/over boost function - 2-4?
i guess it's also doing afr on oil - 7-7; as i can see oil temps/coolant temps on my steering wheel.

what's the open fuel loop mapping issue?

Ah but you haven't managed to connect a laptop.

You need to do this to see how it's currently setup.

Can't see why you would have trouble connecting, is it a com port issue?
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