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Originally Posted by JDane07 View Post
I'm not doing too bad!

Yeah, Duy has confidence that he can end my problems once and for all, so I trust him.
I was quoted $650, which is a lot considering I've already spent that and a little more on these headlights....but it's a lot of work. He has to undo all of Umnitza's mistakes, take out the orion v4's, install LS3's and do a proper reseal. It's worth it though...I either continue to let water leak into these lights, likely leading to a failure and potential replacement, or fix it now once and for all.

It's just bad timing though because I just purchased some coilovers a few days ago. I was considering having a shop do the install, but now it will most certainly be my bro and I doing the install to save money.
Duy is the man! He's upgrading my LS3s next year some time when he gets back. I can definitely say from the past 2 years I have had no condensation issues whatsoever and I use those self serve pressure washing bays