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Originally Posted by Mwp4me
Nick, I don't understand, you seem to do a lot of mods that look really great may I add but then state they are temp? Can't see why you would not be happy with what you have done as it looks great.
Love your alloys but not sure on the pulled tyre look [ personal taste ] probably because I thought the BBS 20" LM's are the daddy. Keep up the great work though.
The main reason is i know exactly what mods I want and want to get the right parts eg correct weave on carbon, eg I want the front kidney grills, but as I don't like chrome it took 20mins to wrap. The cf side grills are a bad fit but I had them in the garage so until I source matching ones of good quality in 1:1 weave the are a temp fix.

Everything's coming off when it's wrapped so no big hassle.

Tyres a personal taste, but it's my thing!