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Originally Posted by macck View Post
I was rear ended ( sounds wrong lol )
Au contraire, Blackadder: it's an apt phrase. Shafted!

Originally Posted by macck View Post
a couple of years ago in my old e90. Similar damage to what you have. Repair bill ended up at 5500.00. I would also enquire about depreciation value of the vehicle. If you sell the car you have to declare any accident damage. I ended up losing nearly 2 grand in trade in value because my vehicle had been classed as a Catd.
Sheeeeeeeeet! 5.5k plus depreciation etc? Doesn't leave much change out of estimated value of the car. Incredible to think I might be looking at an insurance write-off, for a car that had a 20,000 sticker on its windscreen when I first saw it in the dealership 18 months ago.