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Originally Posted by Mwp4me
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The main reason is i know exactly what mods I want and want to get the right parts eg correct weave on carbon, eg I want the front kidney grills, but as I don't like chrome it took 20mins to wrap. The cf side grills are a bad fit but I had them in the garage so until I source matching ones of good quality in 1:1 weave the are a temp fix.

Everything's coming off when it's wrapped so no big hassle.

Tyres a personal taste, but it's my thing!
Oh got you now. Yeh the tyres, I'm certainly not saying I do not like I just, rightly or wrongly, keep comparing everything to the LM's which are drop dead gorgeous. IMHO. Have you decided on a wrap colour?
When the cars is finished im looking for different style so looking to mix it up!

Decided in this colour..

Only other mod that I can remember say was temp was wheels?! These will be upgraded to genuine bbs ch-r in 20's but going to get through winter first!